What Is Online Community?

What Is Online Community?

Online community is people on the internet sharing knowledge and prospective with one another.  There are many reasons for online communities, here are a few..

  1. Common Interests
  2. Shared Ideas
  3. Location
  4. Same type of Goals

Businesses and Individuals need online communities for support, like sharing articles, forums, training resources, and education.  Customer loyalty and gaining insights are some other reasons to be a part of an online community.

Some terms you may see are Community Manager, the person acts as a community advocate.  Content Management, software that helps authors create and publish content. Engagement, the process of members creating meaningful and ongoing relationships. Knowledge Base, an organizations basic set of best practices, training materials and documentation that is used as a reference. Lastly, Social CRM, is a system to monitor and manage conversations and relationships with leads, customers, friends, and influencers across the web, and social networks.

Some great community resources are Online Community Report, Community Roundtable, Community Guy, and Social Media Examiner.

Here are some ways to either start an online community or join one; discussion forums, blogs, surveys, polls, activity feeds, media sharing, and live chat.  So what are you waiting for, start or join an online community.

Some of the information for this blog was derived from Lithium.com, and WebStrategies.com

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  1. Tammy says:

    Great information

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